17th July 2014

Sometimes when I see deer lingering on the edge of the highway I think about fleeting life is, and how close we all are to the edge. 

10th July 2014

an introduction

It’s not often that I take the time to sit down and write for pure enjoyment, or at least “recreationally”. I say that because it is not always enjoyable to write. Sometimes it is quite frustrating, difficult, painful and even scary. That probably seems so outlandish, but sometimes I have the most difficult time expressing personal thoughts. It’s always much safer to rely on another’s words, quotes, song lyrics or a photograph. To spill your soul onto a page and put those emotions and people and places into writing is making them permanent. I have always been indecisive, and a bit of a wanderer throughout life, moving places and changing goals quickly, not getting comfortable for too long. Ironically, my fascination with language and words requires permanence a majority of the time. Concrete leaves of paper, etches of ink, flowing onto the page, creating a solid record. Something to speculate, judge, admire. There are not a lot of things that are concrete in my life, and my feet (or car) often wander as much as my mind does. Hopefully with some exploration, I’ll be able to find my way.